Tiles and Tile Collages

I first saw bas relief as a young child, awed by Abyssinian images carved in stone at the Oriental Institute in Chicago. The love for this form has stayed with me, and I have made tiles in various shapes and sizes depicting fossils, leaves, flowers and other natural forms. I have created molds for some of these and they can be easily reproduced with different glazes and clay bodies; others are one of a kind originals. I have created special kitchen, bathroom and fireplace tiles to order, and welcome custom tile jobs.



  • Applegate Bathroom

  • Applegate kitchen

  • Birds Of A Feather

  • The Boardman Tiles: Big Sky

  • Morning Evening

  • Tree Tiles

  • Garlic I - 4" tile

  • Garlic Tile II - 4" tile

The tile collages have evolved over the last few years. Initially I used carved fossil tiles and other handmade tiles in similar glaze tones and set them in frames which I built. The next series had beautiful hand-worked frames created by a former student of mine. The tiles were still all handmade, but many were reproduced from plaster molds, which I created from my original carved bas-relief tiles. I began making more and more randomly sized and glazed pieces of textured clay to use in the collages. More recently, I have bought frames at Goodwill and designed a combination of tiles and mosaic to fit with each frame. Often the shards which make up the mosaic are from the work of other potters, and are a form of homage to those whose work has influenced me over the years.