Annie Heron Ceramics

Springtime is here, and I am once again struck by the parallels between gardening and making pots. In each, your hands are in the earth. But more than that, each practice is permeated with the special alchemy of transformation. As the wet clay is formed and then dried and fired, enters the kiln in one form and comes out glowing with the brightness of fired glazes – so the seed is gathered in dry form, placed in the earth to become rooted, and then emerges green and growing, with its final flowering and fruiting in forms to which the seed gave no clues. I hope your life is full of glowing transformations this spring!

Where you’ll find me:


I will be in Booth #28, right next to the Demonstration Area. For more Showcase information, see the Oregon Potters website.


This summer, you can find me at the Eugene Saturday Market on most Saturdays from 10 – 5. Although I don’t have a permanent site, I do tend to show up in the SE quadrant of the block that has the Food Court.


I’m planning to be back in Blue River for the McKenzie Arts Festival on August 6 & 7; otherwise staying close to home or making my out of town trips around pleasure (rafting, kayaking, hiking, guitar playing, etc.) rather than business (craft shows).


You can link here to see an article about me in the Eugene paper, from last October.  It  includes a video clip of me making a butter dish!      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have been selling cups and mugs at Tsunami Books for some time, and am showing tile collages at the Eugene location of EcoSleepSolutions. I am proud to support both of these local businesses.


One of the new tile collages I’ve been working on.

Classes:  I am not currently offering classes, but am open to taking on individual students.  If interested contact Annie.

You can see a selection of my current work below.

Check out my Facebook page – Annie Heron Ceramics.

If you are interested in items found on this website, please contact me regarding prices and purchase procedures.